Nat and Melissa Philbrick - owners of the McLaughlin-built Kirby 38 Phebe 

"It’s rare in this world when reality exceeds your hopes and dreams, but thanks to Damian McLaughlin we have the boat we always wanted.  Damian is a master craftsman with a wonderful eye.” 

Gary Schwarzman - owner of C. Paine designed 43' Anasazi

"Since Damian launched her twenty years ago, Anasazi has taken us to Norway, West Africa, the Caribbean, and Newfoundland, among other places.  She is as strong, fair and seaworthy today as she has ever been.

Most of us don’t get to build many boats in a lifetime, so you want to choose the right builder to work with.  For both the experience and the resulting boat, I’m glad that we chose Damian McLaughlin."

- And with permission from his book "The Architect's Apprentice".

"There is another important attribute in a builder that I didn't fully recognize at the time we made the choice; complete honesty.  Whatever Damian's other strengths I appreciated, and despite whatever problems arose along the way, I always was aware of, and grateful for, his personal honesty."