Musings from a craftsman boat builder.


With so many boats to choose from why should you choose a custom design. The Huge majority of yachts that you see on the water today have been designed around kitchens and bathrooms. People like to be comfortable out in the wild, myself included. One thing that you do not hear at the boat shows is "This boat is wonderful to sail". Relatively,there are very few sailors who have experienced the joy of a sailing vessel that has been designed to fit into the medium of wind and water. Because these vessels have been thusly designed they are comfortable underway. Sidney Herreshoff did this with "ARION" and later his brother L Fancis did it with "ROZINANTE". 

Now, there are some designs that are pretty good but ask yourself have you ever been out sailing when you could lean back with full back support. Have you ever seen the knot meter over 13 in a monohull. Now speed is not everything, of course, but multihull designer Dick Newick says that nobody has ever said to him that sailing slower is more fun than sailing faster. You can get there in half the time or go twice as far. It is nice to have a choice.